Mental Projectiles

by Dreadful Operator

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Where Human Writes was a first foray into the world of hip hop and a mixtape by all definitions, Mental Projectiles is a much more refined, matured and focused body of work. Many tracks were recorded and cut before the final group that made it to the end project. The bulk of these beats and bars were arranged and written whilst traveling a great deal and drawing inspiration from multiple cities and experiences. Please listen with a critical ear and an open mind. Don't be afraid to nod your head.


released June 15, 2014

All songs written and produced by C. Murphy except Builders produced by Predicate88. All songs recorded at Hip Hop World



all rights reserved


Dreadful Operator Rochester, New York


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Track Name: hopeless intro
born in back 86 product of the 90s
27 years later all of that's behind me
rat tail buck teeth please don't remind me
but that was back when I had the bum hooded long sleeve
the ripped jeans
black jncos with the orange seams
dreamin big dreams
i never imagined life past 25
yet here I am, alive
and not everyone else survived that ride
the longer you live the more you see your friends die
you're body gets a little less symetrical
you slow down the metronome and start respect the spectacle
life can be magical or maybe it's all smoke and mirrors
mental projectiles strive to make it clearer
clipped the dreads off my head but I'm dreadful none the less
operating on my own agenda
mic check
my moms is tone deaf and pops is stone deaf
so it's kind of a mystery how I learned to make music fresh
maybe since the days disc man with double A's
limp bizkit and busta rhymes gettin mad play
some how that radio rubbed off on me in a good way
i never got too wrapped up in the words they said per say
but the delivery would send shivers up my spine and inspired me
got my first guitar back when I was 14
and the first song i ever learned was iron man
for years i kept up with the rockin in different bands
people move away and bands fall apart
and all you're left with the steady rythm of your own heart
that tell tale thump
it's been known to drive people to action overwhelming joy anger and sadness
it's always there it's always active
mental projectiles birthed from the madness
mic check
a producer an artist a musician a lyricist
catchy tunes aren't really my thing in all of this
pop music is designed to stay in your head but what's a head?
a container which percieves the reality it's fed
and mine isn't the same as yours
and your's isn't the same as theirs
the words I'm throwing at you should be taken as a dare
I double dare you stare down your own muse
sharpen your own tools speak from your own views
do you boo boo don't no one else will do it for you
these projectiles are my armor and bullets
me and my headphones against the world I push through it
along the way I've seen some things that I can not forget
I've shed tears and blood and sweat and carry few regrets
as my future manifests I put everything I know to the test
mic check
choking out the moment and when i seize it there' no reprieve
I'm focused in a 4/4 time signature not missing a beat
I'm ready to amscray at a moments notice
you know this noble vocalist will nova over this
tryin stopping me is hopeless
now lets get on with it
Track Name: chompy
recluse on the loose crooked tooth chompin stompin without boots 1 2 skip a few
99 problems iownreally want none dodge em slalom im finish line done
mustache bottom lip big fat tongue diaphragm C02 big fat lungs
larnyx to pharnyx straight to ya drums 808 devistate hater here it comes
you don't wanna lead a short life, you don't wanna challenge edward scissorhands to a knife fight
you don't wanna go blow for blow with bruce bannor and you don't wanna go for broke wit this phantom
fools get backhanded crews get disbanded ya snooze ya lose i'm takin ya whole planet
cram it
grimacin at limits I'm in it to win it with the lyrics
medicine music i'm makin it to try and lift the spirits
hear it i feel it i live it I'm givin it all I got
chompin keep my pearlies burley never let em rot
15 on the mandible 16 in the mezzanine
31 rounds in the magazine banana clip my grin is mean
buckin off raw with the jaw typically mild mannered
heavy handed and candid no diagram no up plannin
livin nomadic spontaneous craziness travel addict
i unravel and revel in the multi leveled havoc
hammocks i'm swingin and chillin like a villian illen out
remixes i'm bombin melodic symphonic hear me now
bangin like blakakakaw explosion
corrosion to the bone open
catch ya witcha mouth open make ya teeth click
zig when you shoulda zagged? dag kids is lookin sick
me? i step meticulously as i deliver
vicious delicious nutricious supersticious vocal slivers
that get embedded in you game over no continue
no credit debted you out of quarters you outta moves
rappin this rhapsody challanged to balancin gutter slang
wit the sophistication i'm layin out yin and yang
hazardous amarous rapidly wreckin no second guessin
vocal weapons locked and loaded speakin leakin mental lessons
levels over levels beveled edges leavin sharp impressions
dreadfully ineffable you aint gon catch me stressin
cause i breathe deep and I don't need much
just a place to sleep, fam, skating and pizza
Track Name: builders
lost my mind tryin to fine tune what I do cause I'm abstract picasso so hot not so so Sosa grand slam like I'm supposed to posted up picture perfect click go the cameras mind your grammer grind on wax ledge attack gonna slide that back watch the 5 0 my survival's vital liable rivals will try to fight it I'm done making plans and ransom demands I'm going from calm to non-compliant but not violent I'm just sick of skating the same old pavement. lost my patience time to take it solid base on a new foundation. same name- no relation. same brain- reeducation. shovels flying pick axe swinging breaking ground if you want come dig in the door's been closed but it's never been locked gun's been loaded but it's never been cocked wires are live and it's time to shock I'll be DIY till I fucking drop and i'm not just digging in my own back yard I'm gonna turn this whole city into a skatepark and if you don't shred now's the time to start everybody get fed nobody starve

appointed officials may point us out and try to shut us down
but down is where we come from, grassroots start undergound

and from the earth from birth til now the high i push is natural to glide but not to fly is foul take a look at your position now painter in danger of loosing his message for few and far between are blessed but tested his prose and cloaked in code he hits the bricks with the highest hopes that maybe, just maybe the jury won't find him completely insane freely depleting the strength of his name in the hopes and the thoughts of what he could gain. pain staking hands shaking brain aching heart quaking chest split open fury in his eyes he spits in the face of death when he cries out

"I'm not afraid of the grave and I'm not scared to fail and if I fall my bones may break I know my body's frail but my will is tougher than nails and my words cut through diamonds I will prevail- WE will prevail and we will all know triumph."

climb from the pits and the depths we slip through the cracks but we grew from the concrete. we didn't know other worlds this has been our jungle since we were seeds. and our origin is the cross we bear but now we take over the deeds and fill in the cracks and plant new trees and build our own ramps do you know what that means? It means despite the walls and laws and chains our hearts are free no more muffled screams we can live as we please. born with sovereignty and autonomy we're no one's property we've all had the option to leave but without the means we're trapped in the same routines so regardless of capital don't let them cap you glass ceiling time to smash through recycle the trash let's build these ramps revamp cause we have to rogue agent on a blatant mission to speak loud and with conviction to lead by example to build the ramps to bridge the gaps to gap the distance... and that's resistance
Track Name: 2.5 lions
i walk around jaded on a faded path overcast underpass thunderous guns blast cause hand to hands are in the past so if anybody ask tell em I aint comin back smacked on the crack by the door as I boogie past throat sore as I roar I'm a LION tryin to grasp the lay of the land raw doggin and runnin fast exploring boarders cause I don't really know the half and crash landed into bad lands like "the fuck was that?" meteor exploring mediocre origins as these paper thin origami warlords try to get it in with motor mouths and glass chins lackin actual passion I've got no patience for ducks that can't swim... lazy fucks they ain't wavy they crinkle cut- carbon copy formulas I've seen it all before brah lookin mad familiar de ja for real
Angel Grove's forever doomed
teaser trailer coming soon
my ranger morpher's more for show
superhero? no

part nihilist, part survivalist motherfuckin iron fist I am this LION trying hard as shit not to get shipwrecked as sirens cryin in the mist singing and scheemin sweet voices of demons I'm haunted I'm a goner I'm wanted gotta corner the market- meat slaughter. no martyr I mob mobsters I rob monsters gully as godfathers I'm stompin way harder than anybody outta finger's numb strummin the flat screen or flat keys or whatever grabs me and adds ease to this malaise disease rhythms played out of sequence my mental cycle's spent my dental put a dent in the foundation of the minds of men ten ton monologues lead bars when I speak dent cars when I spit at traffic in the street this industry is in distress screaming S.O.S. eso si que es- 9.5 dropkick yo chest

coppin one way tickets to unknown destinations chest inflation hot air cold star and a pinch of patience: armed to the teeth. Dressed to the nines pressed for time punch lines bad jokes not sorry, nope. Okey doke the bouncer block and counter pound for pound ounce for ounce rumble the bout stocky, stout, kinda cocky. Shockingly loud in front of crowds- soul devout. Polarized, solar powered, seasonally down and out losing in a winning streak reaching for the LioN's teeth clipped the main of the mainframe and yet remained complete reigning pain gripping the reigns surrealist dripping the paint feeling the ceiling cave not a grave but a blocked escape mobilized open eyes- red lacking sleep hack into the deepest of the deep tweakin bout to freak
speakin coded meaning
duckin demons
fuckin freezing
see you when I see you

Track Name: floating
i'm cocky as a cock crowin, for the 5am flock goin, harder than 30 quarters in a sock showin, no mercy no courtesy murder beats in my sleep you never heard of me page turner mic burner quick learner hype sure to search for purest i'm shockin currents jockin samples then i scramble and ramble perfect example of what can't be handled

alabaster pale ass bastard one man disaster microphone hazard
biodome i'm at home when i'm lost faster when I am slow stutter flow subtle bro spazin no sour skittle i'm the real walkin contradiction living fiction my friction so smooth with the diction broke fixin in the groove skippin no crook nixon

futuristic so mystic honey dips on my dip stick but dont get it twisted
one woman man at a time in a time when its hard to shine strip it turpintine scrubbin dirt and grime matter under mind phat with a P H never alkaline not basic spittin straight acid lasik straight to the face to the brain take it

eyes to occipital rhymes so visual one time for ya mind i'm too literal
no psychoanalyzing this criminal nahh but you can get a shot of his balls ahh laughin like shot clock nba jam on fire third shot boomshakalaka looka here comin propper so clear no fear hot steppin mic rocker

master of ceremonies MC for short sure shot shore to shore i got rhymes galore i got lines that soar like a parachute cord let er rip spittin heart hardcore mack to the max I'ma fiend for the facts i'm the hypest bookworm you ever heard jack life is too short to let it slip past i got homies underground who'll attest to that

scowl on my face as I lace the track put it down from the place where the crows be at
murder in the skies ominous guise terrifying blood curdling shrieks see the mob flying
beware the beaks of the beasts type violent all black silhouettes shape the skyline
it's a might fine time to recline and get high of the dope that i'm packin into every line oooo

no prophylactic could hold back my dialect comin at ya low tech live and direct hijack ya deck best protect ya neck i'm 7:30 in this piece crazy intellect thoughts i project as the vocab i flex given the gift of gab i have i command respect slammin and damaging mic devices ribbons gettin wrecked and I'm writing with the left the most radical rightous texts

float like a butterfly sting like shampoo all up in ya eyes ain't a thing you can do so much bounce and volume not the doo but the dude makin mad tunes dutifully beautifully smooth in a world full of butter i'm a hot knife spread love take a bite feed ya appetite get ya math right fuck a flashlight hot steppin in the shadows- dark knight
Track Name: nomad
couch crashin lyrical assassin beat smashin backpacks on my back eating cheap rations ramen and beef patties with cheese if they have it skin gettin tight around my ribs like a smack addict busy on my grizzy grind tryin to stack cabbage not conservative but you can call me a mic savage gettin mean yet i'm so far from average radical mathmatical hip hop fanatic my phonetics i credit to mutated genetics i'm an anomaly giving homilies to broke necks for blank checks i bang flows with stank prose and thank those that sang notes and hang close as we approach ghost its too early for dirt naps throw away the road maps and those bridges gon collapse as soon as you go past thats why I jump and just let the wind carry me I'll sleep when they bury me and that's not even garunteed

king of the red eyes never high always gone gettin lifted off every flight i get on headphones wrapped around the dome drownin out the drone in and out of homes gettin grown on the open road space and time amplified by my state of mind infinite loop intimate mood endless sky
oh the possibilities I'm almost overwhelmed but I'm dead before I let someone else take the helm A U T O N O M Y look it up live it or least give it a try on the brink of suicide passin thru the needle's eye what they said was impossible i defy the laws of physics are the only I abide by late to bed late to rise hummin latent lullabies human cruisin for bruises accruing contusions and proven wrong take it in stride and move on

skin thicker with age scribble the page let the speed bumps dictate what's fillin the space what comes out is more than I could possibly say chop it down cut it gut it and then press play the end result an increased pulse head nod back and forth rattle these thoughts battle these faults travel these halls jump straddle this satellite as it take off
ride around the third rock get a shock get a knock knock reality check upside ya thick block i am what i am you are what you are some go deep others go far either way time waits for no one spinnin round the sun trigger on the gun bang run live it up before you're done go with no regrets me i'm on the edge of this cliff like whats next
Track Name: love letter
blowing aerosol kisses on brick cheeks i breath you when I speak I feel you above and beneath i beseech thee believe in me and I will carry you until I'm six feet beneath the earth and dirt and worms i'm not concerned with the bad paths you've been dragged down in the past and the ones that didnt last beating this heart of glass bleeding this artist craft and from the open gash comes the five element cast i've spit and spun with you flipped for you adored you cans and dubs for your ripped for you engorged you done my best to do you proud poured my chest in front of crowds glorified you in all of my notebooks and sketches and my collection is eclectic but your selection? oh baby, forget it it's endless i'm left with pretending you're all mine you my heart and soul and from thee I can not resign

If roses are red but orchids come in all colors then you must be a flower that has yet to be discovered I can't even imagine how to begin to paint you my pallet is so limited and you are beyond my spectrum no protection from the subtle hum of your love on my tongue you call and I come you are limitless and I have been given this capacity to love you with or without witness whether we choose to vibe in the presence of prying eyes or whether we choose to hide inside the confines of my sheets soft whispered speech or maybe we'll peak the sun only shines so I may love thee so lovely yet gritty so ugly so pretty you're versatile like abstract like paint splatters and rorschach I wanna give more back track after track paying homage to your craft

sometimes i get overwhelmed when I think of you and all you've one for me and all you've helped me through i run away you find me if i stray you align me you would never lie to me or die for me or I for thee
cause it's never that serious but it is very real some swear by it and that's their deal but i feel like you get what you give and you are the words you live not the ones you say or preach or rip so from here where do we go? what can I say that you don't already know? there's only soooo much I can give and so much I can take but there's a fire in the flower that grew from my core up my torso and to my heart and the petals open and close in a rithym tale as time is old beastly beauty you move me improve me and groove me and in turn I write this love letter sealed with a beat
Track Name: zazz
I could care less for the head that did or did not dress to impress cause it's not about lookin hot or flossin cold as long as its real and you come with soul see a wise man once told me the difference between having one and having IT for instance every living thing has essence it's not all about metaphysical presence but how you carry yourself when you're out and about see the id's got clout it's the kid inside with the primitive mouth who doesn't think twice when it cries or shouts. and then there's the super, the learned intruder shaped by the pace of the master computer which checks the kid resulting in ego or as I like to call it: soul

swag, style, steelo that's my steeze and I keep it off the d-lo cause that's me who else would I wanna be? heart on my sleeve and my thoughts on front street. broadcast the iconoclast from economy class putting myths on blast my mitts tight wrapped grippin raps with no gap so these bars lookin Kevlar- take a shot at that forget the lime light and the zazz it's a shame how we value the pants sometimes more than the person inside them so my asylum is faith in the phylum I confide in the ears of strangers that there's no greater danger than a world that's stained with fakes Calgone, Calloway take me away

so don't get wrapped up in genres get wrapped up in some comfy pajamas. all my life I was trying to confine, to define my style between set lines but sometimes I like to wail on strings and though I know I can not sing I couldn't care less what anyone thinks. sing in the shower sing in the car flat as the basement floor I are and as far as notes go I'm kinda tone deaf and when it comes to drums I'm not the best but I rock a few beats and I press a few keys makin Mp3s yo my menu be made of fresh groceries gourmet goat cheese and peanut butter

what I'm tryin to say is that it's okay to go out in sweats today with a big gold chain and some mix matched socks, our originality is all we got and it's okay to be a little bit pop, 1/3 jazz and a splash hip hop. bubble gum rock with some goth on top? trust me that mash up's gonna be hot and if no one likes it whatever. the trip is part of the trip remember? it's not just the product that matters amalgam of various batters is phatter so fatty or flaco geeky or guapo don't ever stop! the world is yours to rock and if it's boring then shake it up and look inside for that diamond in the rough.